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Clos d'Agon White

Its optimal consumption is from the second year after bottling. However, the characteristics of alcohol content and acidity and the work on lees allow Clos d’Agon Blanco to last and grow for many years.

Integrated Production.
About 6 months on its lees in tanks and barrels.

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Clos d'Agon White

In the nose is extremely complex and changing.
In the first years after bottling, the aromas are fresher, highlighting white fruits, citrus, apricots, anise and pastries, and emphasizing the typicality of Viognier (tropicality, magnolias).
Over the years, these aromas evolve towards honey, ripe fruit, dried apricots, wilted white flowers, Chinese ink or incense.
It has a powerful entry and fills the mouth for its volume, creaminess, structure and persistence, which, together with its great freshness and spicy retro-olfaction aromas, form a balanced and round block.