The wines

Prestige, quality and variety

The fundamental pillar for Clos d’Agon Winery has always been the production of very high quality wines that express the terrain in which they are produced and are a reflection of the climatic particularities of each vintage.

In the future, Clos d’Agon is eager to continue the line of work and not cease in the pursuit of excellence in our wines.

Clos d'Agon

Excellence and identity.

Clos d’Agon is our flagship brand. The grapes are harvested entirely from our 16 hectares of vineyards and vinified with care in our winery with a selection of grapes from our best plots.

Clos d'Agon Rosé Alba del Tinar

Fruity, elegant, complex and balanced.

As its name suggests, we are inspired by the color of the dawn that we appreciate in our precious Conca del Tinar. Alba del Tinar is a blend of Grey Grenache and Cabernet Franc.

It is a rosé with structure and good aging prospects.

Selección especial

Complex, intense and powerful.

It is a complex wine that expresses the power and Mediterranean character of the highest and best exposed plots of the estate. We select the best barrels to offer a limited edition of bottles with a more Bordeaux style.

Syrah Mas Palet

Fruity, voluminous and fresh.

The winery’s commitment to making a high quality single varietal wine. It is obtained from grapes harvested in the highest plots of our property (100 – 140 m), on slate soils, in the area known as Mas Palet.


Fine, subtle and very aromatic.

Viognier is a single varietal with very little production and high quality. Having a production of only two vintages to date, only the most exceptional vintages and from the best plots of our property.


The winery’s classics.

Traditionally Valmaña has been our second brand, but in recent vintages these wines have been rethought.

The red wine is based mainly on Merlot and Syrah grapes.
It is an expressive, powerful, mature and fruity wine.

The white is a fresher, more vibrant version of the blend used in Clos d’Agon white, but 100% fermented in stainless steel.


Youthful and fresh.

Amic is the entry-level brand of our winery. They are fresh, fruity, casual and easy to drink wines.

However, they are not a one-day flower and have the capacity to keep and improve over time. Wines to enjoy every day.